Running a startup or early-stage business can feel a bit like being on a roller coaster! Life can feel full of ups and downs, highs and lows! Startup Masterminds provides you with support for the journey.

Running a startup can feel a bit like being on a roller coaster!

Most startup founders talk about three constant challenges

1) Money - budgets are tight! There never seems to be enough cash in the business to do all the things that need attention.
2) Time - you wish there were more hours in the day. Your "To do" list often gets hijacked and work/life balance is just something to aspire to!
3) Runway - there is a contact balancing act which involved managing cash burn so the business has sufficient runway to reach the critical milestones that unlock equity investment

Startup Masterminds gives you focus and clarity for the journey

Startup Masterminds is an intimate, invitation only group of founders who meet (via Zoom) fortnightly on a Tuesday morning between 9-10am (GMT) for a productive hour that raises your game and moves your business forward.

A Startup Masterminds meeting has three parts:
1) The Highs Report where we celebrate your successes
2) The Discovery Point where we deep dive into an aspect of the startup funding journey.
3) Accelerator Requests where you ask for the support you need and the community rallies round to provide it.

Startup Masterminds begins with The “Highs” Report where founders report on their successes and results.

The Discovery Point takes a deep dive into one aspect of the startup funding journey. Facilitated peer coaching draws out the group’s experience and you are encouraged to commit to a “Test and Tweak experiment”.

We close with a quick fire round of Acceleration Requests – requests for introductions, feedback and advice. The assembled community rally round to make it happen!

Who is Startup Masterminds for?

There are two Startup Masterminds groups – Traction and Funding. Membership of each group is by invitation only. To be eligible to join either group you must meet the criteria set out below:

Startup Masterminds Traction is for founders who have launched their startup and are focused on building traction. Startup Masterminds Funding is for founders who are actively raising investment and closing a funding round

What’s included in your Startup Masterminds membership?

Included in your Startup Masterminds membership is:
2 monthly Startup Mastermind meetups
Membership of the Startup Masterminds dedicated Facebook group
The knowledge, focus and resilience required to get your business to traction and the confidence to choose the right investor for your startup
The fun that comes from sharing a journey with people as committed and passionate as you are!

Find out more about Startup Masterminds

Not sure which Startup Masterminds group is for you? Take the Startup Investment Scorecard to determine which group you suits you best.

Want to join Startup Masterminds?

To join Startup Masterminds, click the button above and email Hatty Fawcett who facilitates Startup Masterminds.

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