We’ve helped hundreds of business owners,

who have all gone from feeling overwhelmed and confused to feeling confident about the future.

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“Completing the Funding Accelerator has given me the confidence to bet on myself more, we’re now in a position where we can start investing in the business,
building a team and making a profit.”

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“Had it not been for the programme I don’t know if I’d have had the courage to keep going; I might have just wound up the business and found a job.”

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Twist Teas

“We’ve raised almost half a million pounds since I did Funding Accelerator. It was like a boot camp helping me get ready for fundraising and it works, it just works – it’s brilliant”

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Orders Made Simple

“Fundraising is like running a marathon. Before you get to the start line you need to prepare and the Funding Accelerator was the training I needed.”

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“We went from not knowing where to start to raising an initial £250,000.”