We’ve helped hundreds of business owners,

who have all gone from feeling overwhelmed and confused to feeling confident about the future.

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Twist Teas

“We’ve raised almost half a million pounds since I did Funding Accelerator. It was like a boot camp helping me get ready for fundraising and it works, it just works – it’s brilliant”

Lucer Tagle Funding Accelerator graudate

Pitch Ninjas

“Neither myself or my co-founder come from a financial background, so putting a P&L together was quite new and daunting. The Funding Accelerator forecasting template was really helpful.”

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“The programme equips you with the tools to find the individuals that have invested in your space, how much, when and where. That is so useful.”

Pip and Henry Founder

Pip & Henry

“The mentors were really generous with their time, expertise and knowledge. There’s been a lot of support both during and after the programme.”

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“One investor told us the forecast we developed on Funding Accelerator was the most detailed and thought-through forecast they had ever seen. They became our biggest investor.”

Jana Dowling Funding Accelerator graduate

My Arkeo

“I was feeling really insecure, doubting my ability. Funding Accelerator showed me the process of raising equity investment, using the terminology that investors expect. It changed me as a person. “



“The programme fast tracked everything – we raised £250,000 in just four months, which is £50,000 more than we expected.”

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“We went from not knowing where to start to raising an initial £250,000.”

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Orders Made Simple

“Fundraising is like running a marathon. Before you get to the start line you need to prepare and the Funding Accelerator was the training I needed.”

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“Had it not been for the programme I don’t know if I’d have had the courage to keep going; I might have just wound up the business and found a job.”