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Whether you’re raising investment, have just raised or are scaling to your next funding round, get the support you need from startups peers, our expert mentors and partners.

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What is Funding Mastermind?

Funding Mastermind is an online membership programme designed for Funding Accelerator alumni, that gives ongoing access to:

  • Live workshops, where you lear from experienced mentors and guest speakers on topics such as investor outreach, negotiation, deal structure, valuation, shareholder management and more.
  • A network of over 60 carefully selected expert mentors who offer specialist support in areas where you need to bolster your investment positioning, growth strategy or build your confidence. You can book one-to-one sessions and receive personalised feedback and advice.
  • A community of like-minded founders who are on the same startup funding journey as you, who connect  for advice, feedback, collaboration, celebration and more. 
  • An online community that’s always available to connect with other founders and mentors, plus find relevant resources, data to support your strategy and negotiations, and offers from our partners.
  • A library of workshop and other recordings, tagged by topic, so you can watch them anytime and learn at your own pace.


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Who is Funding Mastermind for?

The Funding Mastermind is for founders who are alumni of Funding Accelerator and:

  • Are PITCHING to raise investment and looking for the right investor. If this is you, you receive continued support to get the deal done, including pitch feedback, negotiation tips, help solving your deal dilemmas, and ideas that make it more likely you’ll secure investment.

  • Have RAISED recently, securing a first round of investment, and are focused on keeping investors happy, growing the business to achieve the milestones that unlock the next round of funding. If this is you, you’ll benefit from hiring tips, strategy and planning advice, reporting requirements, and how to run your now funded business effectively.

  • Are planning your NEXT FUNDING ROUND  and  want to know how best to respond to the current funding environement. You’ll receive help to plan your next funding round, gain insights on what investors are looking for, and in finding the right investors for your startup, accessing those who are investing right now.

How much does it cost?

The Funding Mastermind is £100 per month (plus VAT), with a minimum commitment of 3 months. That’s less than £25 per week for unlimited access to all the benefits of the membership:

  • Live funding-focused workshops every 2 weeks (and a library of past recordings)
  • Guest speakers who provide alternative perspectives and advice and guidance on how to get funding over the line
  • Free access to a specialist database that helps you find investors that back businesses like yours so you can build out your “investor hit list”
  • Free access to a specialist data that helps you find potential buyers for your business, benchmark exit valuations, and predict investor ROI to support you in securing investors
  • Access to a community of over 60 mentors who offer specialist support across all business topics from marketing, finance, sales, HR, deal structure, and more
  • A library of recordings on specialist funding topics
  • The support, motivation and accountability that comes from being part of a community of like-minded founders on a similar startup journey to you.


All resources and connections are hosted online and are accessible 24/7.

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