Hatty Fawcett

Hello. I’m Hatty Fawcett. I work with startup founders and small business owners to give them the clarity connections and confidence to attract a range of investors so they can choose the right investor for their situation. In the last twelve months, I have raised over £4 million for my clients with individuals raising between £10,000 and £840,000.

I’ve been raising investment for projects/businesses since I was eight. Following a successful career in marketing, and a MBA from Imperial College, London, I re-discovered my inner entrepreneur and worked in two startups before starting my own startup. I raised a quarter of a million pounds through business angel investment and crowdfunding for this business. I then looked after some of the investments that Kelly Hoppen made when she was a Dragon on the TV show “Dragons Den”.

Having seen investment from both sides of the fence, as a founder raising money and seeing first hand what an investor looks for when they back your business, I have a unique perspective on raising startup investment.

I make it quicker and easier to raise equity investment. I do this through a range of coaching and training programmes, which give founders clarity on the information investors need to back a business, provide introductions to investors and give founders the confidence to attract a number of investment offers so they can choose the one that is right for their business.

Every year some of my clients realise they don’t need to raise investment, saving them selling equity in their business at an early stage and strengthening their hand for later rounds.

I’m a Regional Manager for Angels Den, the national angel network, a Talent Spotter for The Start-up Funding Club and also works with all the main crowdfunding platforms.

I’d love to start a discussion about your funding options, please do book a funding clinic with me or get in touch

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