Making it quicker and easier for startups to raise equity investment

Raising equity investment is a distraction – and a time-consuming one too! It’s not what you set out to do as a startup founder – it’s just a means to the end of growing your business. Our mission is to speed up the process of raising equity investment. Our vision is to see a level playing field for all accessing investment.

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A proven methodology

In the last 12 months, we’ve raised over £4 million for our clients, with individuals raising between £10K and £840K. In December 2020 Focused For Business’ founder, Hatty Fawcett, was voted one of Britain’s Top 50 Business Advisers by Enterprise Nation for her work in raising funding. We work with you to:

Provide CLARITY on the information investors expect to unlock equity investment

Make CONNECTIONS to investors but also to other founders on the same journey as you

Build your CONFIDENCE so you attract a range of investment offers

Give you CHOICE, so you can select the right investors and investment offer for your situation, your growth ambitions, your business.

Free resources: 

Take our quick Startup Investment Scorecard to find out if your business is ready for investment.

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