Making it quicker and easier for startups to raise investment

Focused for Business works with startup founders and small business owners to give them the clarity, connections and confidence to attract a range of investors so they can choose the right investor for their situation. Last year, Focused For Business raised over £1 million for clients, with individuals raising between £10K and £350K.

Book a Funding Clinic: Start a conversation about your funding options, book a free half hour Funding Clinic with Hatty Fawcett.

Would an investor back your business? Take a 15 minute online assessment to discover whether your startup is ready for investment


Funding Clinic: Online meeting – free
Runs weekly Find out more and book a place

How to find and win investors: Online masterclass
Runs monthly Find out more and book a place

How to create a business valuation that gets your start-up funded: Online masterclass
Runs monthly Find out more and book a place

How to write an executive summary that attracts investors: Online masterclass
Runs monthly Find out more and book a place


Crowdfunding Accelerator: An eight week online programme designed to deliver crowdfunding success.

Fast Track to Funding: A bespoke, menu-based approach to speeding up the processes of preparing for investment and attracting investors.

Specialist Masterclasses: Monthly, online masterclasses giving founders and business owners the tools needed to successfully raise investment.

Entrepreneur Board: Monthly peer board bringing together founders and business owners of fast-growing businesses in their own, dedicated peer forum. A joint initiative with The Boardroom Advisory.


Crowdfunding – a shining beacon for startups with a funding gap
Discover the impact the current uncertainty has had on startup investment and which funding options are still working.

Is you startup ready for investment? Three questions to answer to attract investment
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Why your executive summary is your most important investment document 
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How do you value a startup – in the real world?
The internet is littered with stories of astounding valuations, achieved within just a few years of a company’s birth. Are such valuations the stuff of dreams…Read on 

Women are better at crowdfunding than men but will we seize the day?
It’s official! Women are more successful at crowdfunding than men. Analysis of over 450,000 seed crowdfunding campaigns across the globe concluded…Read on 

Crowdfunding Accelerator graduates raise almost £400,000
Graduate of Crowdfunding Accelerator have raised almost £400,000 of investment…Read on


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