Funding Mastermind Membership Benefits

Keeping you focused on unlocking investment

Funding Mastermind brings together founders who are actively negotiating and closing a funding round, providing you with tools, advice and community support as you negotiate with investors and get your deal over the line. 

In addition to the fortnightly meetups, members of Funding Mastermind gain access to tools to inform and support your negotiations with investors.

Compiling a valuation for your funding round

Equidam support founders in compiling a valuation for their funding round by answering a series of questions that estimate the value of your startup. The platform then provides a valuation report that provides an overall valuation, breaks down the valuation by valuation method and explores elements that might increase – or decrease – your valuation. The reports are simple to understand and can be shared with investors to facilitate valuation negotiations.

Valuation benchmark data

The Benchmark Assessment reviews key aspects of your investment opportunity and compares this with other startups raising at a similar stage and in the same sector, giving you an indication of the relative appeal of your deal vis-a-vis other deals that investors may be looking at.

Particularly useful is the benchmark data around valuation which allows you to judge whether your proposed valuation is in the right range to attract investors.

Data to inform valuations, sector exit strategies and investor outreach

MarktoMarket is a data and analytics platform used by corporate finance boutiques and accountancy practices to develop credible valuations, exit strategies and funding campaigns. MarktoMarket brings together recent data from a range of sources so you can:

  • benchmark entry valuations by sector and stage
  • discover exit valuations and multiples by sector and stage
  • identify investors who back startups in your sector and at your stage
  • uncover potential buyers for your startup as part of a credible exit strategy

We have prepared the following videos to show you what is on offer and how to use the system:

Find VCs interested in your sector via Ship Shape, the VC search engine

 Ship Shape is a search engine that helps startups find the right VC for their sector and interests. Using key words, the search engine helps you identify not just which VC companies are interested in your sector but which partners within the company are responsible for your sector.

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