Funding Mastermind Membership Benefits

Keeping you focused on unlocking investment Funding Mastermind brings together founders who are actively negotiating and closing a funding round, providing you with tools, advice and community support as you negotiate with investors and get your deal over the line.  In addition to the fortnightly meetups, members of Funding Mastermind gain access to tools to […]

How to find investors, and impress them

Panel members at How to find and impress investors June 2022

Have you ever wondered what it takes to find and impress investors? Well, who better to ask than leading VCs and angels themselves! Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of facilitating an insightful panel discussion with four investors and founders at an event hosted by SeedLegals and Samaipata. It was a wonderful opportunity to […]

A good read…to refresh and revitalise your business

I love summer! Who doesn’t? With the (generally) better weather meaning we spend more time outside and holiday time spent with family and friends. However, I really like summer because it offers not just a chance to refresh ourselves physically (I have written about the importance holidays for startup founders and business owners before) but […]