Funding Clinics for 2017

Lack of investment is one of the biggest barriers to business growth. Certainly it is harder to access bank loans these days but there is still money available for growing and ambitious businesses, particularly through alternative investment such as angel investment and crowdfunding.

Hatty Fawcett, Regional Manager for Angels Den, Talent Spotter for The Start-up Funding Club and Ambassador for Phundee runs monthly Funding Clinics. The clinics are an opportunity for you to discuss your investment needs in an informal environment and to gain practical, tailored advice on the fuding options open to your business.

The clinics are most suitable for businesses looking to raise investment of £50K or more. Each clinic lasts 35 minutes, must be booked in advance and can either be a face-to-face meeting (in Poole, Dorset) or conducted as a telephone/video call (using GoTo Meeting or Skype).

Upcoming Business Funding Clinics 

Thurs 20th April, 9.00am-11.15am and 2.00pm-4.15pm
Thurs 18th May, 9.00am-11.15am and 2.00pm-4.15pm
Thurs 15th June, 9.00am-11.15am and 2.00pm-4.15pm
Thurs 20th July, 9.00am-11.15am and 2.00pm-4.15pm
Thurs 21st Sept, 9.00am-11.15am and 2.00pm-4.15pm
Thurs 19th Oct, 9.00am-11.15am and 2.00pm-4.15pm
Thurs 16th Nov, 9.00am-11.15am and 2.00pm-4.15pm
Thurs 14th Dec, 9.00am-11.15am and 2.00pm-4.15pm

Morning clinics (9.00, 9.45 and 10.15) are reserved for face-to-face meetings and are held at PKF Francis Clark, Towngate House, 2-8 Parkstone Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 2PW.
Afternoon clinics (2.00, 2.45, 3.30) are reserved for telephone/video calls.
Funding clinics are free but you must be pre-booked using the booking form below:

If you require more information about Funding Clinics, email Hatty at

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